CINE-RITUALS Exhibition Poster

CINE-RITUALS is an exhibition of films and video installations by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais which explores the painterly qualities of video and the use of cinema as an arena for modern ritual in which one can engage with personal and collective myths.

In these films we enter a mythical dimension where archetypal energies are unleashed onto the screen, figures and creatures move through abstracted environments that shift and transform. The expressionistic imagery and soundscapes conjure a hypnotic experience that invites the viewer to slow down and step into another world.

Alongside the exhibition there will be five accompanying events:

29th April / 17:00 / Palácio das Artes
Opening reception

30th April / 15:00 / Palácio das Artes
In Search Of The Exile (2016 / 63 mins) World Premiere plus Artists’ Q&A
The latest feature film by Fawcett & Pais, In Search Of The Exile is a semi-abstract drama of mythic forces in which images morph and transform, creating a visionary cinematic experience.

4th May / 22:00 / Circulo Católico dos Operários do Porto
Rehearsal For A Phantom Film (40 mins) – Expanded Cinema performance
An expanded cinema performance in which fragments of narrative collide with the process of preparing and creating a film. Actions performed both on screen and by live performers occur simultaneously as if the world of the films has burst out of the frame in a ritual to bring to life screen-spectres and cine-phantoms.

7th May / 15:00 / Palácio das Artes
Savage Witches (2012 / 70 mins) / Splendor Solis (2015 / 57 mins) plus Artists’ Q&A
A double screening of two feature films by Daniel & Clara:
Savage Witches is a kaleidoscopic experiment in cinematic alchemy which follows two girls who use their imagination and the magic of cinema to break free from the prison they see around them.
Splendor Solis is an experimental diary film that charts a journey in which filmmaking is used as a tool for personal exploration and transformation. A celebration of creativity, play and collaboration.

14th May / 16:00 / Palácio das Artes
Sacrificium Intellectus I (66 mins) – Expanded Cinema performance
An expanded cinema performance involving live sound effects, video projection, dance and music. A cine-ritual of submission to the moment and a celebration of the creative spirit.


CINE-RITUALS will be presented at ‘Exposição Artes e Talentos 2016’, organised by Fundação da Juventude at Palácio das Artes in Porto. All events will take place at Palácio das Artes, except Rehearsal For A Phantom Film, which will take place at Circulo Católico de Operários do Porto as a part of Raw Territories Gatherings – Film and Music Festival.