Phantom Islands Premiere at Dublin International Film Festival

PHANTOMS ISLANDS 2018 Rouzbeh Rashidi

Last summer we had the great pleasure of playing the lead roles in Rouzbeh Rashidi’s latest film Phantom Islands. We spent two weeks traveling around Ireland playing Boris and Zoe, two tormented lovers adrift in a sea of emotional turmoil! The film is now complete and the world premiere takes place at Dublin International Film Festival on Tuesday 27th February at the Irish Film Institute (IFI)Tickets are available here.

“…it also stands for a sublime announcement of a mysterious Couple (a committed, boldly uninhibited and highly performative portrayal by Daniel Fawcett and Clara Pais) that is the film’s magnetic focal point.” – Nikola Gocić, full review here:

“Rouzbeh Rashidi with Phantom Islands has created another incredible work, that, by redefining the concept of cinema, is set to become an unmovable point of the contemporary and future avant-garde.” – Hira Lombardi, CinePensieri review here: