An Interview in 12 Parts. Part 2: First Artistic Steps


Here is Part 2 of our year-long interview which is being conducted as part of our artist residency at Exploding Appendix. In this second installment we discuss our childhoods and early creative influences that lead us to our collaboration, including projects such as Savage Witches, One+One Filmmakers Journal, the founding of The Underground Film Studio and publishing of Film Panic Magazine. We also discuss our personal philosophy on creativity, transformation and change:

“We sometimes think it is a bit like being monks, we live in the same house together, work and eat together but our devotion isn’t to each other, it is to creativity and the personal journey each of us is on. We approach our work as if we are servants rather than masters, so there is a monastic quality to it. We are very concerned with living our lives in a deep harmony with our essence and not doing things simply because it is the way things are done.

… For us there is no separation between art and life, between our ideas and how we live, so this should be considered in relation to all our writing, films and actions – we and our work are the same thing, our work is us and we are the work.” – Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

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An Interview in 12 parts. Part 2: A Revolution in Progress: First Artistic Steps

Thanks again to Bradley Tuck of Exploding Appendix for inviting us to be a part of this project!

Daniel & Clara