An Interview In 12 Parts. Part 5: Splendor Solis

SPLENDOR SOLIS 2015 Daniel Fawcett

Here’s Part 5 of our year long interview which is being conducted by Bradley Tuck as a part of our artist residency at Exploding Appendix.

In this installment we talk about the making of Daniel Fawcett’s Splendor Solis, exploring subjects such as home movies, alchemy, tarot, narrative structures, autobiography and filmmaking as therapy:

“These are my inner images of myself manifested through others, through my relationships – people become symbols, as do places, animals, objects, sounds, music and everything else in the film. It could maybe be called a psychic self portrait rather than a home movie but then again in the universe of our work the image of the home is always a metaphor for the self so it results in the same thing.”

“The film is a retort, the footage is the material with which I work but ultimately that material is an externalisation of inner work, it becomes something I can see and physically manipulate, explore and transform, and through doing so, allow deep psychological changes to take place within myself.”

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An Interview in 12 Parts. Part 5: Splendor Solis

Many thanks to Exploding Appendix’s Bradley Tuck for his ongoing support and collaboration!

Daniel & Clara