Two films distributed by Tao Films

WITCHES WALK 2012 Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

We are thrilled to announce that two of our short films, Witches Walk and Witches Walk Monochrome, are now available to watch online through Tao films.

This is the very first online release of these two films, two companions pieces that grew out of our first feature film collaboration, Savage Witches. These are in some ways our most minimal films in terms of narrative. They are meditations within an atmosphere evoked by the sound/image combination. The original footage was shot on VHS, then projected onto a wall and re-filmed again onto VHS for several passes, and then the final projection was filmed in HD. Witches Walk was completed in 2012, and then in 2016 we went back to the same footage, reworked it in black & white and created a new soundtrack for it, and so Witches Walk Monochrome was born. We found this idea quite interesting, it is like they are twins, they look almost the same, have the same DNA but there are differences and their personalities are unique to each of them. We have gone into more detail about the making of these films and our ideas on narrative and slow cinema in an interview which accompanies the release of the films, it can be read here.

Many thanks to Nadin Mai for her invitation to release these works, Tao films is a website dedicated to distributing contemplative and experimental cinema, we couldn’t be happier to be a part of this wonderful platform! This weekend (8th to 11th June) they have a special offer on subscriptions, don’t miss a great opportunity to get to know all the films in their catalogue.

Daniel & Clara