EXTERIORS Short Film Series

We are very pleased to announce that EXTERIORS, our series of five short landscape films is now available to watch on Vimeo VOD here.

EXTERIORS Short Film Series
A series of five landscape films by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

Nature has always been central to our films. Animals, weather and the landscape often feature as characters and symbols treated with the same significance as the human performers. In our short film series EXTERIORS we decided to strip away as many of the other elements as possible and focus on the direct relationship between the recording device (in this case a VHS camera) and the natural environment. This could be seen as a series of short meditations on surfaces, the surface elements of our planet and the visual surface of the recorded image.

We have a love for the visual qualities of video, particularly of VHS and Hi8, there is something in the unique quality of the image, the unexpected transformation of colour and the jittery movement that we find spellbinding and beautiful. What you see in these films is not a detached scientific recording or a simple document of places as they are seen by the human eye but a series of immersive and expressionist video-paintings that speak of the landscape as it exists within our imagination. These could be called inner landscapes – once filmed by our trans-mutating-cinema-device they become imagined worlds, something more than those places that existed in the outer-world, they are now spaces for you to project yourself into and drift in a sea of sensations made with light and sound.

EXT. WAVES   2017, 21 mins, VHS, colour
EXT. FIRE AT FAIRLIGHT GLEN   2017, 6 mins, VHS, colour
EXT. TREES   2017, 10 mins, VHS, colour
EXT. SEA MIST   2017, 7 mins, VHS, colour
EXT. WILD FLOWERS   2017, 5 mins, VHS, colour

Bonus film:
Also included here is INT. LANDSCAPES (2018) a short Super 8 film by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais which was filmed on location in Ireland while they were there performing in Rouzbeh Rashidi’s Phantom Islands. Not so much a behind the scenes film as a film created to the side, in the spaces between frames and in those moments between takes. In this film a series of inner landscapes are evoked through sound, voice and fleeting fragments of Super 8 film.