An Interview in 12 Parts. Part 10: Black Sun

Black Sun (2017, Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais) 02

Here is Part 10 of our year-long interview which is being conducted by Bradley Tuck as a part of our artist residency at Exploding Appendix.

In this instalment we discuss our film Black Sun (2017), an experimental feature exploring a ritual journey through darkness.

Black Sun is a film about crisis, about facing despair, depression and hopelessness, it’s not about fixing it but entering it, going through it, facing it and seeing what it is. It is a film about descent, and surrendering to a dark unknowing. It relates to all the great night journeys of the human soul, long dark nights, wastelands and experiences of the underworld, which for us are essentially journeys of deep transformation and integration of opposites.”

“We personally wouldn’t classify our work as queer, in a way our films are made for the future, for a time when we no longer require these kinds of labels, we understand that they are important and useful both personally and politically but for us we don’t feel the need to define our work in this way, we try to avoid any label that would hinder the audience confronting the work on its and their own terms. So that is not to say that there isn’t something to gain by looking at our work through a queer lens, to consider how gender is explored throughout our work, but we should leave that for the viewers to reflect upon themselves.”

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An Interview in 12 Parts. Part 10: Black Sun

Many thanks to Exploding Appendix’s Bradley Tuck for his ongoing support and collaboration!

Daniel & Clara