Merry Christmas!

Daniel & Clara

Today we are finishing off the last few jobs of the year before we hide away for a month of hibernation! What an amazing year it has been, the biggest change for us was moving to London, an experience that has been life changing! Last spring we started the Moving Image Salon, through which we have met so many incredible artists who have been a great inspiration to us, the art of moving image is well and truly alive!

A big highlight of the year was completing our latest feature film Notes From A Journey, which had its UK premiere at Slow Film Festival and was then picked up for distribution by Kinoscope, it can be watched right now on their website here:

It’s also been one of the best years for screenings for us, with 30 screenings, a lot of them in the UK – we started the year with a screening at the BFI and we are ending with the same, we have a short film included in the Experimenta Mixtape event on 18th Dec, details here:

We have some exciting projects in the pipeline for 2020, starting with a three week residency in January at Metal Southend where we will be developing Obscura, a new project set on an Essex saltmarsh. This continues our exploration of the British landscape as a site for encounters with the mysterious, the eerie & the unknown!

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for your friendship and support, we wish you all a merry christmas and we’ll see you for creative adventures in 2020!

Daniel & Clara