Friends, we have an exciting new project to announce!
As many of you know we have dedicated our lives to making art, our great passion is to create, to be involved with creative projects and to be around other artists. We have been collaborating now for 9 years and are very lucky to have found ways to work on our art full time. It hasn’t always been easy but we were always determined to never give up and never give in no matter how difficult things got.

The big question we return to again and again in our work is what is creativity and imagination and how do we best serve these. We live experimentally, we treat our lives as a laboratory for exploring the workings and functions of creativity and imagination, always looking to do more of what works and cutting out those things that restrict and hamper the creative processes.

Of course there are some things we have to deal with simply as a result of living in the modern world – the distractions of constant contact with technology, the general struggles to survive financially and trying to get our art out into the world – these are things that we have to do but can impact negatively on the natural workings of imagination and creativity if not managed properly.

Through our 9 years of exploration we have developed some tools for dealing with these things while keeping the door of the imagination wide open. We have now decided to gather what we have learnt into a workshop called REWILDING IMAGINATION, in which we’ll be sharing tools to reconnect with your imagination, to help you stay focused on your core needs as an artist and protect your creativity.

The first workshop will take place on Friday 21st Feb in London, places are £30, full details can be found here:

We have a special limited discount code for friends & followers, this expires on the 4th Feb so book soon to get a place for only £20. Discount code: REWILDINGPROMO

We are looking forward to seeing you there!
Daniel & Clara