MIA Journal Issue 2 – Nature & Landscape

MIA Issue 2 May 2020

Dear friends!

We have just published the latest issue of Moving Image Artists Journal, in this issue we focus on the themes of nature and landscape in moving image art and experimental cinema, featuring 13 articles by contemporary artists on their own work.

Contributions by Daniel & Clara, Scott Barley, Peter Treherne, Seán Vicary, Al Brydon, Autojektor, Chris Lynn, Amy Cutler, Karel Doing, Katie Grace McFadden, Joe Banks, Yvonne Salmon, James Riley, and Toby Tatum.

In our own article titled Walking In Circles, we share a scattering of thoughts on the creative process, detours, landscape films and the impact of place on our work.

Thank you so much to everyone who collaborated with us on this issue, we are incredibly proud of it and hugely inspired by all of your articles!!

Daniel & Clara