Notes From A Journey Screening at Festival Ecrã

Notes From A Journey 2019 still 07

We are very excited to announce that our latest feature film Notes From A Journey will be screening in July at Festival ECRÃ, taking place at Cinemateca do Museu Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro. Thank you so much to Pedro Tavares for inviting us to screen our film at this festival alongside so many great filmmakers!

We are currently working on some plans for more screenings of Notes From A Journey plus some exciting news coming soon!!

Expanded Cinema Talk At The Exploding Appendix Research Group

WVS VHS Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

On Tuesday we’ll be heading to Brighton to take part in the Exploding Appendix Avant-garde Art Practice and Research Group – this month’s event explores Gene Youngblood’s seminal book Expanded Cinema. Following a talk on the book by Bradley Tuck we will be giving a short presentation on our various expanded cinema projects, which include performances, text based films and other works in which we seek to explore the possibilities of cinema beyond the frame of the single screen. We will conclude our talk with a reading of one of our ‘motion picture poems’.

This event is free and open to all, simply turn up at 7:30pm on Tuesday 14th May upstairs at The Marwood, 52 Ship Street Brighton, BN1 1AF.

Event details here

Coventry Cathedral Exhibition

OPEN PROJECTIONS_Coventry Cathedral

We are really excited to have a film included in an exhibition at Coventry Cathedral, taking place Friday 5th April. This is especially exciting as the cathedral is home to works by Graham Sutherland and John Piper, two artists whose work has been very inspiring to us.

Thank you so much to curator Daniel Hopkins for including our work in this exhibition.

Event details here: Open Projections: Digital Art Exhibition

Two Evenings of Films in Brighton

EA Screenings Poster Final Yellow web


This November in Brighton, Exploding Appendix presents two evenings of films by artists Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais.

Since meeting in 2010 Daniel & Clara have been working together creating performance and moving image work concerned with the purpose of creativity and the power of art to transform reality. Their shared passion for the history of cinema and painting has lead them on a deeply personal investigation into the nature of moving images, with a particular focus on the role of cinema as an art form and its relationship to the imagination. Their films are visually striking, immersive experiences often created using a variety of obsolete video formats, such as Hi8, VHS and Mini-DV.


Presentation + Screening of SAVAGE WITCHES
Free Entry / See map

Daniel & Clara will present an illustrated talk about their work together followed by a screening of Savage Witches and a discussion chaired by Bradley Tuck of Exploding Appendix.

Savage Witches is a kaleidoscopic experimental feature film about two girls who use their imagination and the magic of cinema to transform the world around them. The screen becomes a canvas of visual experimentation, mixing a great variety of textures, colours and techniques that tear through narrative and formal conventions in order to liberate our senses and activate the imagination. As the film unfolds, the process of filmmaking seeps into the film itself, extending the search for creative freedom to all levels of the film and blurring any distinctions between documentary, fiction, reality and artifice.


Presented by Exploding Appendix in partnership with Fabrica
Tickets: £ 6.00 / Book here

Throughout 2018 Daniel & Clara embarked on an ambitious new project called the Studio Diaries. Created over the course of seven months, this series of 100 short films captures the workings of the artists’ daily creative practice, but more than simply documenting, the Studio Diary Series is creative thought in action. Each film is an investigation into the language of moving images, exploring how narrative and meaning are constructed through the relationship between sound and image.

This special presentation at Fabrica will consist of an abridged version of the Studio Diary Series followed by a Q&A with the artists.