Friends, we have an exciting new project to announce!
As many of you know we have dedicated our lives to making art, our great passion is to create, to be involved with creative projects and to be around other artists. We have been collaborating now for 9 years and are very lucky to have found ways to work on our art full time. It hasn’t always been easy but we were always determined to never give up and never give in no matter how difficult things got.

The big question we return to again and again in our work is what is creativity and imagination and how do we best serve these. We live experimentally, we treat our lives as a laboratory for exploring the workings and functions of creativity and imagination, always looking to do more of what works and cutting out those things that restrict and hamper the creative processes.

Of course there are some things we have to deal with simply as a result of living in the modern world – the distractions of constant contact with technology, the general struggles to survive financially and trying to get our art out into the world – these are things that we have to do but can impact negatively on the natural workings of imagination and creativity if not managed properly.

Through our 9 years of exploration we have developed some tools for dealing with these things while keeping the door of the imagination wide open. We have now decided to gather what we have learnt into a workshop called REWILDING IMAGINATION, in which we’ll be sharing tools to reconnect with your imagination, to help you stay focused on your core needs as an artist and protect your creativity.

The first workshop will take place on Friday 21st Feb in London, places are £30, full details can be found here:

We have a special limited discount code for friends & followers, this expires on the 4th Feb so book soon to get a place for only £20. Discount code: REWILDINGPROMO

We are looking forward to seeing you there!
Daniel & Clara

Talk & Screening at Metal Southend

Daniel & Clara Screening - Metal Southend

Visionary Landscapes – Talk & Screening
6pm Thur 23rd Jan @ Metal, Chalkwell Hall
Free event

Join us for a talk and screening of moving image work by artists Daniel & Clara who are currently in residence at Metal Southend.

Daniel & Clara are two humans working as one artist on a journey of exploration of dimensions real and imagined, the results of which consist of moving image, photography and performance. In their current work they have been exploring the British landscape as a site for encounters with the mysterious, the eerie, the otherworldly and the unknown.

Artist Residency at Metal Southend

Saltmarsh Polaroid 2019 Daniel & Clara 5

We are very excited to announce that over the next three weeks we will be artist in residence at Metal Southend. We will be spending our time there developing Obscura, a new project exploring a mythic island hidden out in the constantly shifting tidal landscapes of the Essex salt marshes. This project continues our exploration of the British landscape as a site for encounters with the mysterious, the eerie, the otherworldly and the unknown.

Info here

Daniel & Clara

Merry Christmas!

Daniel & Clara

Today we are finishing off the last few jobs of the year before we hide away for a month of hibernation! What an amazing year it has been, the biggest change for us was moving to London, an experience that has been life changing! Last spring we started the Moving Image Salon, through which we have met so many incredible artists who have been a great inspiration to us, the art of moving image is well and truly alive!

A big highlight of the year was completing our latest feature film Notes From A Journey, which had its UK premiere at Slow Film Festival and was then picked up for distribution by Kinoscope, it can be watched right now on their website here:

It’s also been one of the best years for screenings for us, with 30 screenings, a lot of them in the UK – we started the year with a screening at the BFI and we are ending with the same, we have a short film included in the Experimenta Mixtape event on 18th Dec, details here:

We have some exciting projects in the pipeline for 2020, starting with a three week residency in January at Metal Southend where we will be developing Obscura, a new project set on an Essex saltmarsh. This continues our exploration of the British landscape as a site for encounters with the mysterious, the eerie & the unknown!

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for your friendship and support, we wish you all a merry christmas and we’ll see you for creative adventures in 2020!

Daniel & Clara

Celebrating 9 years collaboration!

Short films by Daniel & Clara on vimeo

Today we celebrate 9 years of collaboration!!!

On this day nine years ago we met and became instant friends and collaborators on a journey of creative exploration that continues to this day! We feel very lucky to have been able to spend the last 3285 days dedicated to making art! Life is strange, mysterious and at times totally confounding but finding another like-minded human being to collaborate with makes everything seem possible!

Thank you to all our friends and collaborators for being a part of this journey so far, and thank you to everyone who follows and supports our work and thank you too to all those uncompromising artists out there who inspire us every single day!!

To mark this occasion we are releasing 18 of our short films online to watch for free.

Daniel & Clara

Kinoscope distributes Notes From A Journey

Notes From A Journey 2019 still 06

We are very excited to announce that our latest feature film Notes From A Journey has been picked up for online distribution by Kinoscope! It has just been released globally and can be watched right now on the Kinoscope platform here:

Many thanks to Pawel Wieszczecinski and the Kinoscope team for inviting us on board and for all their support in bringing our film to the world!

We are very happy to be able to share our film with you all, looking forward to hearing what you think!

Daniel & Clara

Oct/Nov Screenings & Events

Notes From A Journey 2019 Daniel & Clara

20th Oct / Slow Film Festival, Mayfield, UK
The UK premiere of our latest feature film Notes From A Journey.

23rd Oct / Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, UK
A selection of short films from our Studio Diary Series screens at Kettle’s Yard as a part of Microcinema Artist’s Moving Image.

26th Oct / Mala Voadora, Porto, Portugal
Studio Diary Series (Abridged) and Revisiting are playing in a programme of experimental films hosted by Hosek Contemporary.

13th Nov / Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival, Turkey
Our short super 8 film INT. LANDSCAPES will be screening in a programme called Soundscapes.

21st Nov / Cámara Lúcida – Encuentros Cinematográficos, Cuenca, Ecuador
Our environmental fantasy Espectros da Terra part of Fractales strand of Cámara Lúcida Festival.

22nd Nov / Film and Video Umbrella, London
Experimental filmmakers and artists working with moving image are invited to join us for the Moving Image Salon, this month’s special guest will be Nina Danino.

25-30 Nov / CODEC Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental y Vídeo, Mexico
Screening INT. LANDSCAPES for the first time in Mexico!

30 Nov-1 Dec / Kinoskop, Belgrade, Serbia
Espectros da Terra will be screening at Kinoskop, a festival dedicated to analogue experimental films.