“A Message From Daniel & Clara to Station To Station Festival”, June 2017

An introduction to the screening of The Kingdom Of Shadows at Station to Station, on 10th June 2017, at the Amondo Kino in Warsaw. Written by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais and read to the audience by Iga Rita Stepien.

We’d like to start by saying thank you to everyone for being at the screening of our film tonight and thank you to Amondo Kino for hosting and a huge thank you to Iga for having the vision, passion and drive to make this wonderful event happen. This screening will not only be the Polish première of The Kingdom Of Shadows but also the first time any of our films have screened in Poland, so we are very happy!

Events like this are rare and very important because this is a screening event driven simply by a love of cinema and creativity. The films you’ll see over this weekend are created all over the world by filmmakers who are not endorsed by critics and funding organisations, they are artists who make films because they have to, it is somehow urgent to their existence to express themselves through this wonderful medium.

All the filmmakers collected here are artists working truly independently, and unfortunately it seems that very often the price we pay for that independence is to be ignored by the establishment because we haven’t asked their permission to make our films. Avenues for screening non-commercial films in cinemas are becoming less and less, so for these reasons we congratulate Iga for being a champion of independent artists and new visions, and it is an honour to be included in this amazing showcase of contemporary cinema.

The Kingdom Of Shadows is a film to be experienced so we won’t offer too many words of introduction to the film itself, we’ll let you dive in unknowingly and find your own path through the world on screen! We are very proud of this film, it has many years of dreams, explorations and meditations wound into its fabric – it is a film of our mythic past, family history and our inner life, a film created to heal our souls and a film also about the art of cinema itself. Cinema is a mysterious art form, it is still very young in comparison to other mediums. We believe that we have only just scratched the surface of what cinema is and that there are many rocks unturned and many corners unexplored.

We hope in our own small way to unearth some of its mysteries. The Kingdom Of Shadows is a part of our ongoing quest to open new avenues with this art form, to understand its purpose and potential. In part, with this film we strive forward to think about what cinema can be in the future, but we also reach back, back to its earliest days before dialogue dominated so heavily and also back further still beyond cinema as we know it, to think about how images have been received over the history of human creativity – in painting, dance, song and in the shadows flickering on the walls of the caves by our earliest ancestors. Somehow for us, thinking about of all this fed into the creation of this film.

For us making this film has been a life changing experience. We hope that you too find something of interest within the sounds and images we are presenting to you tonight. It is not a film to try to understand but to experience, and please remember that no matter what experience you have, it is valid. Your experience is unique and it is yours alone.

Thank you to you all,
Much love,
Daniel & Clara