The Art(s) of Slow Cinema Journal

The Art(s) of Slow Cinema Journal Issue 1

We are thrilled to have our essay ’21 Reflections On Creativity And Cinema In The 21st Century’ included in the first ever issue of The Art(s) of Slow Cinema Journal. Also included in its pages is a response to our essay by our good friend, filmmaker Maximilian Le Cain.

The magazine is now available to pre-order here.

Here’s an excerpt from our text:

“Even though it is a common belief that film and video are mediums that document, filmmaking is not objective enough to ever be a truly scientific tool – its true purpose is to give shape to dreams and visions. To be both a presentation of fantasy and activator of the imagination. No filmed document can escape the transmutation process from reality to fantasy, through the split second capturing of images a new reality is born, a visionary reality of the filmed image.”

A Portuguese translation of this essay has also been published in the latest issue of Multiplot magazine, available here.

Daniel & Clara

Multiplot Magazine

PLOT POINTS 2018 Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

A Portuguese translation of our essay ’21 Reflections On Creativity and Cinema in the 21st Century’ has been published in the latest issue of Brazilian online journal Multiplot, which can be read here.

Many thanks to Pedro Tavares for inviting us to participate!

The original English version of this article will be published in the first issue of The Art(s) of Slow Cinema journal which is coming soon, and it can also be read here.

Daniel & Clara

An Interview In 12 Parts. Part 8: In Search Of The Exile

In Search Of The Exile (2016, Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais) still 07

Here is Part 8 of our year-long interview which is being conducted by Bradley Tuck as a part of our artist residency at Exploding Appendix.

In this month’s instalment we discuss our film In Search Of The Exile (2016), while shooting off onto various topics, including sound design, the relationship between painting and cinema, the differences between experimental film, video art and arthouse film, plus lots more!

“If our films can be an opportunity for a kind of experience in which each viewer’s imagination can be activated somehow, become aware of themselves, of their perception, their expectations, their thought processes, their feelings, their senses – and in that moment to be alive, engaged and creating their own meaning – then we’re happy.”

“The effect of sound is very physical and, in cinema, sound can be even more effective than the image in grounding our experience, it has an immediate visceral impact that tells us where we are, what the space is, and how things are spatially related to us. We like to experiment with this and have been exploring the various possibilities of how image and sound can interact. With the films of this period we were interested in using sound to create a first person experience for the viewer but not always one where they are entirely sure what they are hearing, we like to create unexpected associations between image and sound, disruptions and discontinuities that make the audience feel something that goes beyond an experience of just eyes and ears, it is activated in their bodies then expanded upon by their imaginations.”

Read the full text:
An Interview in 12 Parts. Part 8: In Search Of The Exile

Many thanks to Exploding Appendix’s Bradley Tuck for his ongoing support and collaboration!

Daniel & Clara

Into the MothLight Podcast Interview

Into The Mothlight Podcast - ep.10 Daniel & Clara

Earlier this year we were invited by Jason Moyes to be interviewed for Into The Mothlight podcast, which is dedicated to artists’ moving image, experimental film and installation art in the UK.

As we were unable to meet in person he sent us a list of questions which we recorded our answers to. Topics include our collaboration, mythology, dreams, cinema, performance and our personal thoughts about contemporary moving image making.

Listen here:

Thanks so much to Jason for inviting us to take part in his fantastic podcast!

Daniel & Clara

Two Evenings of Films in Brighton

EA Screenings Poster Final Yellow web


This November in Brighton, Exploding Appendix presents two evenings of films by artists Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais.

Since meeting in 2010 Daniel & Clara have been working together creating performance and moving image work concerned with the purpose of creativity and the power of art to transform reality. Their shared passion for the history of cinema and painting has lead them on a deeply personal investigation into the nature of moving images, with a particular focus on the role of cinema as an art form and its relationship to the imagination. Their films are visually striking, immersive experiences often created using a variety of obsolete video formats, such as Hi8, VHS and Mini-DV.


Presentation + Screening of SAVAGE WITCHES
Free Entry / See map

Daniel & Clara will present an illustrated talk about their work together followed by a screening of Savage Witches and a discussion chaired by Bradley Tuck of Exploding Appendix.

Savage Witches is a kaleidoscopic experimental feature film about two girls who use their imagination and the magic of cinema to transform the world around them. The screen becomes a canvas of visual experimentation, mixing a great variety of textures, colours and techniques that tear through narrative and formal conventions in order to liberate our senses and activate the imagination. As the film unfolds, the process of filmmaking seeps into the film itself, extending the search for creative freedom to all levels of the film and blurring any distinctions between documentary, fiction, reality and artifice.


Presented by Exploding Appendix in partnership with Fabrica
Tickets: £ 6.00 / Book here

Throughout 2018 Daniel & Clara embarked on an ambitious new project called the Studio Diaries. Created over the course of seven months, this series of 100 short films captures the workings of the artists’ daily creative practice, but more than simply documenting, the Studio Diary Series is creative thought in action. Each film is an investigation into the language of moving images, exploring how narrative and meaning are constructed through the relationship between sound and image.

This special presentation at Fabrica will consist of an abridged version of the Studio Diary Series followed by a Q&A with the artists.

Studio Diary Series at Doclisboa’18


We are very happy to announce that our Studio Diary series will be screening at Doclisboa in Lisbon on Sunday 21st October, 4 pm at Cinema São Jorge! We will be attending the festival to present the first 99 short films of this series and during the festival we will be shooting the 100th film which will be available to view online following the screening.

See full programme here.

Thank you so much to Joana Sousa for inviting us to screen our films and to the festival team for all their work and support. We are so happy to be a part of this wonderful festival!

Daniel & Clara

Studio Diary Series (Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais) Posterweb

Autumn Exhibitions 2018

Studio Diary still

Upcoming screenings of films by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

15 September
In Search Of The Exile screening at Pugnant Film Series, Fuck Narration 24 hour film event,, Athens, Greece.
Details here

19 September
Telekinetic Pleasures screening at Bideodromo: International Experimental Film and Video Festival, BilbaoArte Art Production Center, Bilbao, Spain.
Details here

19 September
Telekinetic Pleasures screening at DOBRA – Festival Int’l de Cinema Experimental, Cinemateca Museu Arte Moderna Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Details here

2 October
The Quest For The Cine-Rebis screening at Exploding Appendix Art and Research Group, Brighton, UK.
Details here

6 October
The Kingdom Of Shadows screening at Gorst Underground Film Festival, Gorst, WA, USA.
Details here

13 October
Telekinetic Pleasures screening at Gardunha Fest, A Moagem, Fundão, Portugal.
Details here

21 October
Studio Diary Series screening at Doclisboa’18, Lisbon, Portugal.
Details here

31 October
INT. LANDSCAPES screening as a part of Experimental Film Society shorts programme at Filmwerkplaats, WORM Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Details here

7 & 9 November
Two Evenings of Films by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais presented by Exploding Appendix, Brighton, UK.
Wed: Presentation + Savage Witches @ University of Sussex
Fri: Studio Diary Series (abridged) @ Fabrica Gallery
Details here