NGBoo Art, “Espectros da Terra Review”, by Nikola Gocić, December 2018

ESPECTROS DA TERRA (2018, Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais) 03

Originally published by NGBooArt, 19 December 2018

Co-produced between The Underground Film Studio and Experimental Film Society, Espectros da Terra appears as an artifact from the past, a red and fragile one, like a crystal icosahedron. Right from the opening frame, it takes the viewer to a mysterious world of nature inhabited by strange spirits and creatures magically captured on Super 8 film. By virtue of the grainy imagery of primordial beauty, it gently shrouds you in the cloud of ancient secrets whispered by a creek, the Moon and an oak tree. Reaching for the higher truths, this mini-masterpiece – a cosmically harmonious labor of love – suggests its creators are old souls who have been present on, in and outside of the Earth much longer than they remember…