Performance Documentation

Rehearsal For A Phantom Film 2016 Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

performance, presented on 4 May 2016 at CCOP, Raw Territories Gatherings in Porto

Part of the Phantom Film Project.

Phantom Films are the phantom limbs of the body of cinema, the images that linger in the mind after the movie is over, the narrative threads that seep into our thoughts and become the frameworks around which we weave the story of our own lives and the world of our own fantasies. We see cinema not only as a medium but also as a language and this language is not restricted to images moving on a screen, it can manifest beyond the frame in many forms.

The Phantom Film Project exists in all the forms that spring out from the world of the films but never as a single screen film. Phantom Films are movies but they manifest beyond the cinema screen as live performances, books, sculpture, installation, sound recordings and photography.

On the 4th May 2016 at Raw Territories Gatherings in Porto, we presented Rehearsal For A Phantom Film, a 45 min expanded cinema performance in which fragments of narrative collide with the process of preparing and creating a film. Actions performed both on screen and by live performers occur simultaneously as if the world of the films has burst out of the frame in a ritual to bring to life screen-spectres and cine-phantoms.


SACRIFICIUM INTELLECTUS I 2016 Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais 2

performance, presented on 14 May 2016 at Palácio das Artes in Porto

Part of the performance series Sacrificium Intellectus Suite.

The Sacrificium Intellectus Suite is a series of twenty two cine-ritual performances which use video projection, ritual actions, dance, sound and music. Each performance will only take place once and never be repeated but each time giving birth to the one that will follow. Actions and characters are carried forth into the next performance so that the past leaves traces in the present.

Sacrificium Intellectus I was created in collaboration with dancers Joana Castro and Bruno Senune and percussionist João Pais Filipe. It took place at Palácio das Artes in Porto, on 14th May 2016.

Watch video documentation here.


SACRIFICIUM INTELLECTUS II 2016 Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

performance, presented on 7 June 2016 at ESE, EmContraste in Porto

Part of the performance series Sacrificium Intellectus Suite.

Sacrificium Intellectus II deals with a sense of absence, and it is a ritual of confronting what is lost, not as a way of clinging to it or trying to bring it back but as a path to accepting its absence. In this performance the debris of the past becomes the fertile ground from which something new can emerge. Sacrificium Intellectus II took place on 7th June, at EmContraste in Porto, Portugal, in collaboration with dancer Joana Castro and percussionist João Pais Filipe.


MONOCHROME WITCHES PERFORMANCE Documentation 2017 Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

performance, presented on 5 May 2017 at Rosa Imunda, PA! in Porto