Pink8, “Don’t Fence Me In”, by Fabrizio Federico, October 2015

SAVAGE WITCHES 2012 still 5

Originally published by Pink8, 6 October 2015

The beauty of Underground Cinema is that it is driven by unpolitical and immediate needs and slides like a shooting star into dream worlds with no social boundaries. Savage Witches (co-directed by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais) looks for the truth that comes with being a seeker.

The film proves what an unstoppable and uncompromising creative force the Fawcett & Pais team legitimately is. They are truly a transatlantic collective. Organizers of the The London & Porto Underground Film Festival’s, editors of the influential One+One Filmmakers Journal and co-directors of CINE-REBIS. They are on fire.

Savage Witches tells the tale of Gretchen and Margarita, two misunderstood psychedelic school girls who would like to be able to play and float on a river forever and ever instead of working and adhering to their tyrannic school principals rules.

They dress up and play fight, spit on what society thinks about their other worldliness, both looking like wild rabid carnival characters. Its cinematography is a kaleidoscope of HD, DV, Super8 and their favorite format VHS!

The film perfectly reflects what a prison society can often be like to a fertile young independent creative mind. How curiosity, imagination and craziness can often be put on trial.

Movie’s such as Savage Witches follow a tradition similar to other maverick filmmakers like Věra Chytilová and Derek Jarman who tackled the teenage psyche in all it’s anarchic glory.

Casting spells on all who watch these films, especially those in search of the magic that will set them free. Purified by the rain, following the arrows, slogans such as ”Let’s destroy the World” flash across the skies, erasing humankind and all its dead ideas and forgotten history. Tempting you to fly with them ** gimme your hands cause you’re wonderful!!

Darkness + Silence

The duo are currently filming back to back projects The Kingdom of Shadows and Black Sun. 

‘Making a movie is an amazing thing, it’s magic! We never suffer from writer’s block or a lack of ideas, we are interested in so many things and there never seems to be enough time to do them all’.

Savage Witches is a film that wants to burst out of the screen and cross over into life, to have the vision and experience of the world enriched and transformed by the artifice of cinema.

But when is too much freewill considered dangerous? When does freedom become manipulated and sold to the masses?

Respectively a film like Savage Witches will never have that problem. History is dead, long live infinity.