Avebury Forms

2019, Polaroid photograph series

On our second visit to Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire we carried with us a polaroid camera and two cartridges of expired film. As the sheets ejected from the camera, we quickly placed them in our pockets to await the materialisation of the images, what emerged from a blue fog were mysterious depictions of the great sarsen stones (see here).

Out of the 11 photographs taken that day, 3 emerged blank, the camera’s rollers failing to activate the dyes. As we stared at the brown square of the failed exposures we frustratedly pressed our thumbs against the lower part of the frame which contains the secret chemical tincture – to our surprise this contact activated a creation, a yellow formation started to emerge and spread over the brown background, growing like a lichen seen in time-lapse. We performed this action on each of the dark squares, our hands shaping the creation of these images which we called Avebury Forms.