Constable Country

2019, Polaroid photograph series

We follow in the footsteps of the great English landscape painter John Constable, like tourists we locate the very spots where he must have stood to create the sketches for his paintings. What is it we hope to gain by stepping into his shoes and seeking to see the world through his eyes? An impossible task that leads us only to a deeper awareness of the time that’s passed since he stood here, and of our human need to connect our lives now to those who have lived before, to our artistic heritage. We become conscious of the gap between us, we can never know what it felt like to be him in these places in these moments of artistic creation. But then too he shall never know what it is like to be us, standing here in these moments, with our camera in hand looking at a landscape… But at least we have art as an attempt to build bridges over these chasms, portals through which we can glimpse the inner life of another and find ways to celebrate the uniqueness of their being.