SPLENDOR SOLIS 2015 Daniel Fawcett


2015, 57 mins, HD / Super8 / VHS / Mini-DV, colour / b+w

Daniel Fawcett’s Splendor Solis is a twin screen feature film shot over 17 years. Part autobiography, part home movie and part expressionistic dreamscape, this loosely chronological cinematic wandering charts the creative journey of the artist as a young man. Featuring everything from video diaries, unfinished films, video experiments, performances and behind the scenes footage, Splendor Solis is a personal celebration of cinema, creativity, play, friendship and all the splendours under the sun.

Screenings & Exhibitions

2016   Palácio das Artes, Porto, Portugal
2016   SeventySeven, Bristol, UK
2015   Microcinema Artist’s Moving Image, Cambridge Film Festival, UK