2018, 8 mins, VHS, colour

Telekinetic Pleasures depicts the aftermath of a bizarre scientific experiment that involves chickens, reptilian and human subjects, two of whom have survived and are portrayed by the directors themselves – artefacts of their psychic transmissions are captured here on videotape.

Screenings & Exhibitions

2019   Experimenta Mixtape #7, BFI, London, UK
2018   CRASH Festival, Goiânia, Brazil
2018   Gardunha Fest, Fundão, Portugal
2018   DOBRA – Festival Int’l de Cinema Experimental, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2018   Bideodromo: International Experimental Film Festival, Bilbao, Spain
2018   Exploding Appendix Avant-Garde Research Group, Brighton, UK
2018   Station to Station, Tallinn, Estonia

TELEKINETIC PLEASURES 2018 Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais