(Re)search my Trash, “In Search Of The Exile Review”, by Michael Haberfelner, August 2016


Originally published by (Re)search my Trash, 18 August 2016

I won’t even try to give you a proper synopsis of In Search Of The Exile here, as the film is rather on the abstract side and completely open to interpretation, so my synopsis might actually contradict 100% what somebody else sees in this.

That said, In Search Of The Exile is an entirely fascinating movie, actually, a movie that sucks the audience into a world all of its own where nightmare logic prevails, a world that’s presented in ridiculously over-saturated, primary coloured images that are at times so distorted it’s left to anybody’s guess what they’re actually showing, and the film’s evocative musical score, accompanied only by bird caws, does its own to let the mind wander rather than spoon-feeding the audience facts.

In all, In Search Of The Exile is probably not like any movie you’ve ever seen – but an experience all of its own!